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Step into the future of operational excellence with IBM Z Anomaly Analytics

Proactively detect anomalies in both log and metric data,and manage costly incidents before they even occur.


Act Ahead - Foresee and Avert Operational Hitches

In this fast-tracked zero-compromise world, the unwavering availability of your services and applications is non-negotiable. Especially for enterprises with hybrid applications which include IBM Z®. 


But here's the catch: as costs surge, skill gaps widen, and user behaviors shift, pinpointing the origin of hybrid application glitches has become a formidable challenge.


Empowerment is at hand with IBM Z Anomaly Analytics. Armed with intelligent anomaly detection, you gain the upper hand in proactively identifying operational stumbling blocks. It's a software that augments your strategy for staying ahead of the curve and keeping your digital ecosystem seamless and thriving.

Why IBM Z Anomaly Analytics?

Create a comprehensive model of typical operations, spanning IBM Z subsystems including Db2®, CICS®, MQ®, IMS®, and z/OS®, along with IBM Z log data.
Analyze live operational data in comparison to the established normal operations model, instantly spotting deviations. Filter non-critical data, and navigate through time intervals with ease.
Be alerted to any unusual behavior, enabling IT operations to pinpoint potential incidents before they disrupt business operations.
Dive into detailed anomalous insights within their topological context. Swiftly isolate and comprehend anomalous activities and their impact.
Correlate anomaly events and topology with enterprise-wide data, comprehending hybrid application impacts. Seamlessly integrate with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps for speedy incident resolution.

What It Offers?

Metric-based Anomaly Detection

Tap into a specialized set of IBM Z® subsystem-specific key performance indicators, meticulously designed by IBM data scientists. These indicators act as vigilant detectors, revealing operational anomalies within Db2®, CICS®, MQ®, IMS®, and z/OS®.

Integrated Log Anomaly Detection

Uncover anomalies within logs by detecting deviations in message frequency, occurrence, or sequence compared to normal time frames. Visualize these log anomalies alongside metric-based anomalies in the problem insights server, granting immediate access to the triggering message's details and potential impacts.

Topology and Hybrid Correlation

With the uncovered topology service, seamlessly visualize and correlate abnormal activities spanning z/OS subsystems and applications. The harmony between IBM Z events, topology, and the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps allows for holistic correlation across the enterprise. Rapidly ascertain incident impacts and pinpoint the root causes of operational concerns within your hybrid applications.

Anomaly Detection and Visualization – Powered by Precision Metrics.

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Interested in proactively identifying operational glitches with IBM Z Anomaly Analytics Software?