Why Trustworthy AI Is the Key to Unlocking Technology's True Potential

watsonx Assistant: Solve real problems with AI-powered virtual agents!

Catch up on all your touchpoints and channels: Let conversational AI smarten up your customer care.

Empower your team to design an assistant that can tell, show, and do.

Choose the right resolution methods for your customers and the tasks they complete.

Answer both simple FAQs and complex questions with LLM-powered conversational search. Perform transactional tasks of behalf of the customer with extensions or automation. Show the customer how to complete a task with images, videos, and guided journeys.





A Use AI to streamline IT operations, increase uptime, improve efficiency and reduce costs​

Accessible and scalable AI that you can rely on with your customers 

Accurate and consistent customer experiences out of the box with no-code conversational AI features and LLM-powered algorithms that achieve higher accuracy with less training, driving down TCO and speeding up time-to-value.

Assistants that can tell, show, and do

Every problem has an optimal solution. Guide your customers down the right path, including contextual, summarized answers and give your team the ability to deliver the best experience for each unique situation.

Deliver consistent and personalized experiences with flexible extensibility

Deliver your best support experience across all channels. Integrate LLM-powered experiences with the systems and processes that run your business, compatible with any tech stack/


Orient your team around true customer outcomes

Unify your analytics tools across the entire customer support journey. Empower your teams to experiment, analyze, and optimize your end-to-end customer experience.

Build and iterate quickly with no code and LLM-powered authoring

An easy-to-use build experience, pre-designed repeatable conversational patterns, and generative authoring accelerate builds without the need for IT or development resources

Customer benefits


Return On Investment

A 2023 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study, commissioned by IBM, modeled a composite organization based on real client data that showed a payback period of less than 6 months and an ROI of 370% over three years.


Answers automated with accuracy

Bradesco automated their customer service answers with 95% accuracy using watsonx Assistant—answering 283,000 questions monthly and continuing to learn from feedback of over 10 million interactions.


Self-service availability

Provide a consistent experience across channels and scale to handle large contact volumes.  Use an intelligent virtual agent as the initial touchpoint with customers to provide answers and self-service actions—even during off-hours.

IBM named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic QuadrantTM for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms

We are particularly excited to have been recognized for
our Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.

This year IBM showcased the next-generation of watsonx Assistant which offers:

  • - A low-code / no-code interface that makes it dramatically easier for business users to create conversational flows 

  • - New industry templates businesses can use to get up to speed quickly based on their domain.

  • - New integrations capabilities that enable integrations to be shared across multiple actions.

Experience Virtual Assistance Like Never Before with watsonx Assistant!

Remember your last virtual assistant encounter? Was it smooth or frustrating? Did you get what you were looking for?


‘The best thing about a virtual assistant is when users can use it and accomplish what they need to do.’ 

Andrew Fried, an expert on virtual assistants, powered by IBM and Watson Assistant.


Discover IBM Watson Assistant – a pioneering conversational AI platform engineered to revolutionize your interactions with prospects, customers, and employees, trailblazing a new era of fast, friendly, and frictionless experiences.

Shatter Traditional Customer Support Boundaries with IBM's Conversational AI

Say goodbye to those infuriating auto-menu claims, "Our options have recently changed." They’re maddening (those options shifted ages ago, and frankly, you haven't needed them for years). 


Meet the stellar Watson Assistant. One that not only listens but also understands  


People express themselves in words, while computers process ones and zeros. The bridge connecting these realms is natural language understanding, turning words into a language machines comprehend.


Driven by robust large language models (LLMs) you can rely on, and featuring an intuitive user interface, Watson Assistant puts the power in your hands. 


What Makes watsonx Assistant Special?

IBM’s watsonx Assistant is designed to provide live, context-relevant content based on specific use cases. It blends all the training it has received to handle a multitude of situations. Behind the scenes, it employs special algorithms to discern out-of-scope queries and brings the conversation back within bounds.

watsonx Assistant introduces four crucial algorithms within its virtual assistants:

The magic lies in capturing not just the request, but the entire concept. Whether you say, "I forgot my password," "Please reset my password," or "I can't log in, help!" – they all lead to the same outcome. AI deciphers the intent beneath the words, giving you the right answer, regardless of your phrasing.
Think of entities as refined keywords. They modify intent. For instance, asking "What time do you open?" pertains to the whole store. But querying, "What time does the pharmacy open?" or "When does the Deli open?" demands entities to narrow down the focus.
Sometimes, users get irate and stray from the topic. Irrelevance detection guides the virtual assistant to detect off-topic requests and steer the conversation back on track.
Typos won't hinder communication anymore. Watson Assistant understands your intention, even amidst errors, ensuring swift, uninterrupted interactions.

Craft AI-fueled voice agents and chatbots that seamlessly provide automated self-service support across every channel and interaction point. 

Unify with your business’s operational tools effortlessly, redefining the future of customer engagement

What the Numbers Say?

What The Users Say:


One of the leading Venture Partners, a consultancy firm in London responds successfully to website visitors’ queries and generates leads when it engages IBM Business Partner,, to leverage IBM Cloud and IBM watsonx Assistant to create Ai, a virtual assistant. The company, founded in 2022, provides thought leadership and insights in digital transformation, fintech, AI and wealth management. It was looking for an enterprise-grade digital assistant that would respond to website visitors’ questions like a human help desk agent, not a typical rules-based chatbot with embedded security, privacy and scalability features.

Elevating Customer Interaction: One of the leading Venture Partners Chooses IBM Cloud and Watson Assistant for Human-Like Virtual Assistance

Faced with a surge in customer numbers and support requests, the premier insurer recognized that its conventional approach to customer interaction was impeding teams from delivering an optimal service experience. Seeking a transformative solution, the company turned to consulting and technology experts. In a remarkably short span of one month, these experts translated the company’s requirements into a functional resolution: Leon, a virtual assistant powered by action.bot, itself based on IBM Watson Assistant. Leveraging IBM’s deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) models trained on data from the insurer’s contact center, Leon adeptly comprehends customer queries and provides relevant, valuable responses. Accessible 24/7 on the company’s website, the chatbot autonomously addresses over 120 common customer support scenarios and frequently asked questions.

Transforming Customer Service: AI-Powered Virtual Assistant, Leon, Enhances Support for a Leading Insurance Company in Poland

Czech-based startup, and an IBM Business Partner, established in 2019 with a vision to help companies improve their customer experience and efficiency by implementing AI assistants that are available 24×7 to answer a wide range of questions promptly and accurately. In collaboration with the IBM Client Engineering and Technical Sales teams from the Czech Republic, AddAI built an AI assistant for a customer in the banking sector that they then piloted. The assistant utilized the retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) methodology, coupled with watsonx.ai, to deliver relevant and precise responses in the Czech language for frequently asked questions (FAQs) on topics ranging from account access to payments, pricing and account services. Through intensive optimization efforts, the implementation team ensured that the answers generated by large language models (LLMs) met a high standard of accuracy and language fluency. To optimize end-user experience, the team integrated watsonx.ai with watsonx Assistant, and was able to deliver instant replies on a user-friendly front end.

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement: AddAI’s AI Assistant Transforms Banking FAQs

What Watson Assistant Offers:

The world of virtual assistants is evolving rapidly, offering fresh insights from diverse 

minds. This technology stands as a testament to its potential to save time and effort when executed seamlessly. Discover the diverse avenues through which Watson Assistant improves customer interactions and your bottomline.

Agent Assist

Elevate customer service by amplifying your team's expertise and valuable insights in real-time, extending the impact across every interaction.

Artificial Intelligence

Introducing a conversational AI chatbot - your new ally in enhancing customer interactions, adept at understanding and engaging in human conversations.


Fluidly unite customer channels with business systems, tools, and processes, no tech stack migration required.


Safeguard chatbot data privacy and shield customers from vulnerabilities with enhanced scalability and security.

Visual Builder

Embark on a code-free chatbot journey. Train it with just a handful of questions or dive into action instantly with our ready-made chatbot templates.


Infuse your AI voice chatbot with a warm and approachable tone. Elevate customer support by seamlessly integrating IBM Watson Assistant into your phone system.



Witness the transformational power of watsonx Assistant and rediscover the art of efficient interaction across industries.


Revamp the digital banking journey for your customers, infusing personalized interactions that resonate with a human touch.


Elevate citizen support with AI-driven 24/7 available chatbots, to enhance government connectivity and service delivery.


Use intelligent automation with AI-driven chatbots, simplifying interactions and empowering patients to find quick answers to their questions.


Support the insurance industry with AI-powered chatbots, meeting customer expectations by delivering personalized and precise responses instantly.


Ignite the future of shopping with watsonx Assistant, delivering hyper-personalized, context-rich experiences across channels, just as customers desire.

Enterprise Use Cases

Customer Care

Elevate your sales game with mighty customer service chatbots, boosting revenue through swift and precise responses while keeping your contact center budget in check.


Up your marketing game with robust AI chatbot marketing software, enhancing customer experiences and supercharging lead generation through rapid, personalized support.

Human Resources

Revolutionize the employee journey with HR automation, enhancing the overall experience while freeing up valuable time for your entire workforce. Now, employees can access answers around the clock.

Case Study

Anna by ABN AMRO

Meet Anna, the customer service virtual agent who lends a helping hand to the bank's retail and commercial banking customers. It responded to 90% of the 250,000 queries the bank received in 2021.While ABN AMRO readily acknowledges that Anna liberates more time for live advisors, allowing them to concentrate on clients with intricate questions, the genuine worth of conversational AI goes beyond. Serving as the inaugural stride in a grander digital transformation, Anna validates the bank's tech investments and sparks the adoption of AI in additional business scenarios, including client onboarding.

All set for a productivity boost, through AI virtual agents?

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