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IBM watsonx - the future-forward enterprise-ready AI and data platform.

Let AI to do the heavy-lifting for your business with the watsonx family of products.

IBM watsonx - the future-forward enterprise-ready AI and data platform.

Let AI to do the heavy-lifting for your business with the watsonx family of products.


Embrace the Moment with watsonx: Where AI Meets Business

The future has arrived. Generative AI stands before us, a game-changing phenomenon offering businesses a rare moment in time to redefine their landscape. 


IBM watsonx stands as the trailblazer of this monumental shift.

Sail Beyond AI’s Raw Power - AI Recalibrated For Business Mastery.

Forge innovative paths, develop insights with precision, and pioneer ethical AI standards – all with watsonx as your ally.. 


It's time to actualize AI's potential, sculpting a new business reality. The moment is now – seize it with watsonx.


watsonx Product Family:

IBM watsonx is the ultimate AI and data platform for the enterprise – presented in three power packed products:

Here, innovation takes center stage with new foundational models, generative AI, and machine learning. Creativity thrives as this studio empowers you to create cutting-edge AI solutions.
Step into the future with a fit-for-purpose data store tailored to perfection. Built on an open lakehouse architecture, watsonx.data adapts seamlessly, scaling your AI and analytics endeavors wherever your data resides.
Accelerate AI workflows with a toolkit that's grounded in responsibility, transparency, and explainability. Here, AI evolves ethically, ensuring every decision is guided by these critical principles.

In a nutshell, watsonx isn’t just a platform – it’s your game-changing arsenal, redefining how AI reshapes your business horizons.

Why watsonx?

Explore without limits with watsonx - built on top-notch open technologies. Unlock an array of model variety that seamlessly caters to enterprise use cases and compliance mandates.
Experience watsonx's dependable trustworthiness. Infused with transparency, responsibility, and stringent governance, our models are grounded in reliable datasets, eradicating concerns around legality, regulations, ethics, and inaccuracies.
Align with precision as watsonx is meticulously designed for the enterprise and business domains. It's a tailored fit for business use cases that pave the way for new dimensions of value.
Become more than an AI user; become an AI value creator with watsonx. This platform empowers you to go beyond, enabling you to not only utilize AI but to sculpt it. Train, fine-tune, deploy, and govern your data and AI models with absolute ownership, reaping the full value they unleash.

It's Not Just AI; It's AI That's Built For Business!

Craft a distinct competitive advantage by leveraging foundation models that enable precise fine-tuning of AI to match your enterprise's exclusive data and domain insights. This level of specificity was once unattainable, but with watsonx, it's within your grasp.
Harness the entirety of your data, regardless of its location. watsonx empowers you with a hybrid cloud architecture that forms the bedrock for extending AI's reach profoundly into every facet of your business. Improve business productivity and employee efficiency with access to high-quality, trusted, pre-trained foundation models to build workflows seamlessly with connections to a variety of APIs, SDKs and libraries
Elevate your AI endeavors with a comprehensive approach.Bolster the entire AI and ML model lifecycle from development to deployment. Support data accessibility, implement robust governance, optimize expenses, and expedite the deployment of top-tier models. watsonx streamlines the journey to producing high-quality models, ensuring trust, efficiency, and reliability.

Client Portfolio

What The Clients Say - Business Giants Amplifying their Performance with watsonx.


Samsung SDS America

“Samsung SDS America, the digital arm of Samsung, is proud to partner with IBM to introduce groundbreaking new solutions like SDS’ Zero Touch Mobility.  IBM’s launch of watsonx was an awakening, and it has inspired us to explore the immense potential of watson.ai’s generative AI capabilities to deliver unprecedented innovations for our clients.”


– Sean Im, President & CEO, Samsung SDS America



“We recognize the importance of watsonx.data and the development of the open-source components that it’s built upon. We look forward to partnering with IBM to optimize the watsonx.data stack, achieving breakthrough performance through our joint technological contributions to the Presto open source community.”


– Das Kamhout, VP and Senior Principal Engineer, Cloud and Enterprise Software Group at Intel


Nippon Information and Communication

“We are so surprised how simple operation is needed to use watsonx.data. We also see many customers who need to stay on-prem due to data confidentiality. watsonx.data is provided not only as managed services but also as software, and this hybrid cloud strategy is extremely important for Japan market from a data gravity perspective. We look forward to more integration and partnerships with other 3rd party vendor solutions.”


– Katsuyuki Kajiwara, Data & Analytics Division Technical Software Sales Manager, Nl+C.



“Truist is already working with IBM on some generative AI internal use cases right now, some using watsonx, a new AI and data platform from IBM that is intended to help companies use generative AI and machine learning. We’re exploring the things that we can co-create, build proofs of concept for, and ultimately get into the production environment and into the hands of our teammates or our clients.”  


– Ken Meyer, Divisional Chief Information and Experience Officer, Truist


Confederaçåo Sicredi

“Sicredi is the largest cooperative financial institution in Brazil. We were recently recognized as the best in our sector for Customer Experience, and we attribute our success to IBM Watson Assistant. To achieve our goal of becoming the world’s best, we rely on watsonx.ai capabilities to support our Customer Care.”


– Alceu Meinen, Director of AI, Confederação Sicredi


Capital Bank of Jordan

“Working with IBM, Capital Bank of Jordan is excited to get started with watsonx to further enhance their ML and AI capabilities. Building on their already existing Netezza workloads, they aim to see how watsonx can bring all their data, including unstructured data, together in a single layer, to help drive predictive analytics, reduce customer churn, identify fraud and risky transactions, and optimize precision target marketing.”


– Bahaa’ Awartany, Chief Data Officer, Capital Bank of Jordan

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