Why Trustworthy AI Is the Key to Unlocking Technology's True Potential

Advanced AI for Enterprise Code Generation Or Cutting-Edge AI Code Generation for Enterprises

Imagine if you could harness the might of AI to generate code that aligns perfectly with your enterprise's needs – all while maintaining the trust and security you demand. Well, it's not a dream anymore – it's the IBM watsonx Code Assistant.


IBM watsonx Code Assistant is a dynamic cloud service fueled by generative AI. Designed for specific use cases, watsonx Code Assistant harnesses AI to support Application Modernization and IT Automation, ensuring your development journey is marked by unprecedented agility and effectiveness.


Why Watson Code Assistant?

Enterprise-Grade AI Code Generation: Your Next Game-Changer

IBM watsonx Code Assistant is more than just a cloud service; it's your partner in revolutionizing code generation. By tapping into the potential of generative AI, it turbocharges the speed of code creation and gives your developers the productivity boost they’ve been looking for.

A Tailored Approach to Acceleration

This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. IBM watsonx Code Assistant is designed to fit your unique use cases. Whether it's Application Modernization or IT Automation, this AI-powered tool is ready to roll up its sleeves and get to work.

AI that Speaks Your Language

Right out of the box, IBM watsonx Code Assistant is equipped with pre-trained models that speak the programming languages you know and love. Accuracy and efficiency are the name of the game here. But that's not all – you have the power to customize these models to align with your organization's best practices. It's like having your own AI that really gets you.

Your Code, Your Control

We get it – transparency matters. With watsonx Code Assistant, you're not just getting code; you're getting insights. You'll know where that code originated, giving you full control and peace of mind.

Introducing IBM Z Application Modernization

And guess what? Our watsonx Code Assistant technology is the driving force behind IBM Z Application Modernization. The future is here, and it's making your development journey faster, smarter, and more efficient.

Don't just take our word for it – check out the video below to see watsonx Code Assistant in action.

Client success stories

Leading Bank

Using generative AI reduced playbook development effort by over 50% in IBM CIO Organization Pilot.

IBM Consulting

IBM Consulting achieved a 30% reduction in Ansible Playbook development effort while maintaining quality, compliance and resiliency.

How To Reach Your Enterprise Goals with watsonx Code Assistant?

Navigate the Learning Curve

Facilitate developers with AI-guided code suggestions, stemming from natural language inputs or existing source code.

Enhance Accuracy and Efficiency

Empower developers to craft new code or convert existing one with minimal errors and heightened productivity, minimizing cognitive shifts.

Code with Certainty

Embrace AI-generated recommendations confidently, backed by data-source matching that divulges your code's origin.

Explore Infinite Development Horizons

Grant developer teams access to boundless skills and diverse expertise, enriching their efficiency and expanding potential.

Enforce Enterprise Standards

Tailor foundational models with your enterprise's standards and industry best practices for optimized performance.

Turbocharge Time-to-Value

Engineered with efficiency in mind, IBM's foundational models infuse AI into developers' natural workflow, speeding up your journey to value.

What Does It Offer?


Content Creation

Create fresh code with the right syntax from plain language requests.

Model Personalization

Tailor models to fit your data, standards, and best practices for customized outcomes.

Code Alignment

Enhance transparency by knowing the possible source of the generated code.

Language Conversion

Transform code between languages or update legacy code to modern standards.

Use Cases

Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed

Elevate Ansible Playbook Creation with AI-Powered Recommendations from IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed. Designed to accelerate IT Automation, this service offers expertly curated automation content in YAML code, adhering to best practices for a seamless Ansible experience.

IBM Z Application Modernization

IBM is proud to unveil a game-changing solution - watsonx Code Assistant for Z. This upcoming generative AI solution is meticulously crafted to catalyze your COBOL application modernization, utilizing a highly tuned foundational model. It's built to harness the prowess of generative AI, enabling the swift conversion of COBOL code into top-notch Java code. The primary aim? To expedite time-to-value, enhance agility, and mitigate developer skill limitations.

Ready to let AI redefine how you code?

Let's make your enterprise-level coding dreams a reality.