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Nexright helps a global customer in improving Sales visibility with CloudHub

Nexright has helped the customer in automating sales and order management processes by integrating SalesForce with NetSuite and ultimately improving the overall sales visibility with cloudhub, streamlining revenue operations, resulting in huge cost savings. Customer leveraged MuleSoft CloudHub platform to integrate SalesForce with NetSuite.

The Challenge

  • Sales processes and tactics are often unique for each organisation. Customer leverages Salesforce and NetSuite SaaS platforms globally to embed their own sales methodology and back end processes to ensure efficient management of its customer relationship as well as sale of its products and professional services.
  • This includes sales order automation and integration with NetSuite invoice management system. For example, when an opportunity is created in Salesforce, it leads to creation of customer, contract and sales order in NetSuite. Once the sales order is approved an invoice and contract is created.
  • All these business functions provide value to Customer by enduring consistency and discipline in sales process and better overall visibility.
  • Process automation and integration ensures efficient communication throughout the company and more importantly stops things falling through the cracks.
  • To continue its impressive growth and support a global sales and professional service organization, Customer needed to automate some of these processes. Lack of automation resulted in substantial efforts spent in synchronizing the information between disparate systems, duplicate information and ultimately lack of visibility.

The Solution

  • Nexright assisted in automating many of the sales and order management business processes by partnering with Nexright and selecting MuleSoft CloudHub platform.
  • Customer integrated Salesforce and NetSuite to quickly automate existing business processes and automate opportunity, customer, sales order, invoice and quote to name a few.
  • An example where CloudHubs flexibility shines is, once an opportunity is created in Salesforce, it leads to the creation of a necessary order in NetSuite. Simultaneously, it also creates a renewal quote for that contract. This renewal quote will be considered as an opportunity for Customer at the end of the contract tenure. With CloudHub integration, Customer automated many of its processes including complex business logic.
  • MuleSoft CloudHub was the solution of choice because of the out of the box connectors for Salesforce and NetSuite and the integration as a service platform which is the fastest way to integrate SaaS applications reliably and securely.
  • With no hardware to maintain or software to upgrade, CloudHubs secure multi-tenant platform delivers the freedom of the cloud with the flexibility of deploying Customers integration.
  • Nexright leveraged its NZ Government approved Cloud Service Brokerage, pre-built integration patterns, MuleSoft technology accelerators combined with its unique delivery approach to roll out the complete solution. Agile methodology combined with Salesforce and MuleSoft certified consultants were also some of the key drivers for a successful outcome.

The Results

  • Instant quote to cash process with real-time event-driven integration, saves many hours of manual efforts in synchronization.
  • Achieved single view of customer to support.
  • With CloudHub software as a service platform, significant reduction in maintenance and operation cost.