Our Services

Cloud Native & Micro Service Application development

We help customers in innovating like a startup and scale for the cloud.

SOA & Cloud Integration

SOA & Cloud Application integration strategy for Digital transformation

API Strategy

API Strategy, implementation, and marketing services

AI & Machine Learning

Create, train, and deploy self-learning models.

Exclusive partnerships

Our links with IBM, AWS, and Google provide unparalleled access to information that accelerates innovation.

IBM Design Thinking

In partnership with IBM, we facilitate IBM Design Thinking approach that starts with a design-forward, user-centered process, followed by fully agile-enabled delivery.

Consulting linked to the implementation

We build strategies around real implementation experience, consistently and successfully executing on our own advice.

Agile, effective engagement

We break down silos and work quickly and responsively to enable clients to execute at the fast pace they require.

Co-creation of great experiences

Whether physical or digital, we help crystallise and co-create great individual experiences with our industry knowledge and design expertise.

Unmatched AI expertise

Largest local team of analytics PhDs harnessing cutting-edge technology in Watson and cognitive computing to power digital transformation.

AI & Machine Learning Services

  • Conversation & Voice Experience Design

    Design chatbot and voice interface for human interaction

  • Natural Language Processing

    Natural Language Understanding of Unstructured Data

  • Finance, Risk & Fraud Consulting

    Regulatory and Compliance Analytics

Global Managed Support Services