What is Promotional chat bot and how it can help you to sell better


Promotional Bot integrates with your existing website, mobile app or e-commerce sites and converts it into a 24*7 Sales engine.

  • It promotes deals, can integrate with your existing loyalty engine and help in upselling.
  • Its promotion model is very pro-active and customer engaging rather than presenting a static set of information or search option.
  • Understands customer needs and guides them through a personalized approach in product selection process.
  • It combines personality insights leveraging user’s social profiles and preferences in product recommendation.
  • It understands end user emotions to trigger the right engagement path, for example asking the sales agent to contact the customer

Promotional bot gives users direction

For example, most of the car dealers have static search sites which expect the end user to only search only a pre-defined set of criteria. Let’s say you want to buy a car, but not sure how to go about it. When you walk into a car dealer essentially a sales person assesses your needs based on various criteria including brand, model, intended usage, features looking for, finance and payment term needs.

Promotional bot essentially asks right sets of qualification questions and guides the end user through the product selection process.

 A personalized approach

This gives you a personalized approach since it understands users personality type. It also combines that with existing user’s preferential information.

Promotional bot rewards you for your purchasing behavior and loyalty

As you introduce cognitive automation to drive sales it makes sense to reward the customers who use Chatbots. It has the ability to integrate with existing loyalty engine, so instead of promoting a standard discount for everyone, it uses variable reward mechanism.

It can learn your customer’s needs

It is can be configured to ask a set of pre-qualification and need analysis questionnaire. It saves the end user from frustration by not asking the same repetitive standard questions.


Some of the technology components that have been used in this solutions are as below: