Connect enterprise systems to the Salesforce with Nexright’s Solutions

Enterprise-level applications have a need to integrate with other applications used by the same organization. These integrations usually cater to different layers, like Data, Business Logic, Presentation and Security, depending on the requirement. This helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality.

Nexright distinguish situations to identify the best possible way to integrate enterprise system to the salesforce.

  • A straightforward data exchange between a client application and Salesforce, we can go with Data Integration options.
  • In case we need to have some logic before or after the data is committed or sent out of Salesforce, we can opt for Business Logic Integration options.

Tools to integrate your enterprise


Integrate multiple Salesforce organizations

Nexright’s engineer follows a powerful configuration based approach to integration which allows business to quickly and easily connect multiple organizations and with other on-premise and cloud/SaaS applications and data to:

  • Provide a single view Customer
  • Ensure most current data always
  • Integration across multiple
    Salesforce clouds and 3rd party

    • Data sync, De-duplicate
    • Multiple account relationships


MDM Integration and IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Standard and Advanced Editions help organizations gain a comprehensive and accurate 360° view of their customers, accounts, prospects, and the relationships between those objects.

Nexright’s integration solution contains a set of prebuilt artefacts and integration capabilities that can be used to jump-start an integration between these two applications. This integration supports automated processes to search customer records, enrich account information, and remediate duplicate records from your cloud application.

  • Ensure updates in Salesforce are reflected in MDM
  • Batch data or record level federation
  • Secure On-premises to cloud connectivity

Enrich Salesforce AI

We can leverage sales history to win more deals. Lead and Opportunity Scoring analyzes data, predicts which leads and opportunities are most likely to convert, and displays intuitive factors behind the scores.

Nexright helps clients rapidly deploy the combined IBM Watson and Salesforce Einstein capabilities. We have new industry-specific accelerators to speed up adoption of cognitive applications.

  • Salesforce Messaging Chat backed by SAP Hybris integration
  • Fastest time to integration
  • New customer engagement models

Create bigger business solutions more quickly & even bigger business solutions even more quickly

Salesforce Lightning Flows

  • New Open API support for more extensible flows.
  • Expanded features for more complex business objects.


  • Industry Bolts accelerate time to value for new processes.

  • Increasing set of bolts aligned to industry-specific use cases.

IBM Cloud Integration

  • Allow any Flow to connect to any other application.
  • Templates for Bluewolf bolts for different apps.

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