Running Services on AWS “Cookbook”

In order to start deploying your Solutions you should:


As you implement your solutions the following resources might help you address some common questions.

Tech Notes

How to Convert S3-Backed AMIs to EBS-Backed AMIs:


How to Convert S3-Backed Linux AMIs to EBS-Backed AMIs:


How to Recover an Unreachable Linux Instance:



AWS Introduction (August 2009)

Windows Media Version:

Flash Version:


AWS Oracle Based Solutions

Windows Media Version:


Getting Started With Amazon EC2 (October 2010)

Windows Media Version:

Flash Version:


Bundling a S3-backed AMI (August 2007)

Windows Media Version an Existing AMI.wmv

Flash Version: an Existing AMI.html

Turbocharge Your ASP.NET app (intergrating Amazon S3 with ASP.NET) – fairly old (May, 2007):


Getting Started With Amazon RDS  (May 2010) Started With Amazon RDS.html


Getting Started With Amazon Elastic MapReduce (April 2009)



You can find even more resources on our main website (, a few relevant examples include:

Security: all you need to know about security – SAS 70, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 compliance:

Discussion Forums:  learn about common questions our customers and SIs are addressing in a regular basis and get yours answered at:

How to create a Forum Username:

  1. Sign-up for an AWS account at
  2. Setup a (Amazon [Pen] Name) at
  3. Setup a (Amazon Nickname|Forums Username): Login to the Developer Connection Forums (if you were logged in already, please log out and log back in again) with your account credentials: It may prompt you to set up a “nickname”. If you don’t yet have one – this is your unique Forum identifier and is known as your “Username” in the forums. For this, use an all lower case format .The Username will always appear in your greeting and in the “Username” field of your profile (publicly visible). Once a Pen Name is created, however, Pen Name will override the Username for the purposes of identifying you with a specific forum post. It is recommended not to use your full name as your forum username. To edit it later go here:

Sync your Forums and Amazon profiles: Logout of the developer forums and then re-login for the information to migrate from your profile to the forums.


Architecting best practices:

Amazon EC2 Getting Started Guide –

Amazon S3 Getting Started Guide –

Amazon SimpleDB Getting Started Guide –

Amazon Relational Database Service Getting Started Guide –

Amazon Simple Queue Service Getting Started Guide –

AWS Import/Export Developer Guide –

Web Application Hosting: Best Practices –

Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices –

Overview of Amazon Web Services –

The Economics of the AWS Cloud vs. Owned IT Infrastructure –

Security Best Practices –

Migrating Your Existing Applications to the AWS Cloud –