How Promotional Chatbot enables new User Experience for retailers

H&M, an apparel brand, uses chatbot for retailers technology to make sales absolutely seamless. Bots greet customers via Kik messenger and ask a series of clever buyer funnel questions.

Using the answers to their advantage, H&M bots guide users to virtual checkout counters by making product recommendations based on unique style preferences. “Every time a bot interacts with a customer, it files away that person’s unique preferences, buying decisions, etc,”

“Whether consumers are looking for outfit inspiration or are debating trying out a new style, they can browse potential options by chatting with H&M as if they had a personal stylist at their fingertips,”

Similarly, North Face launched a smart Watson-powered mobile shopping app to use in a retail environment. The app will allow you to speak to it openly on the phone — where the Watson-powered shopping assistant will engage you in a question-and-answer conversation to help figure out exactly what you need.

Many retail apps(like subway or FreshDirect) are also using chatbot technology which have enabled them to provide a new delighted experience to their users. Facebook recently confirmed that customers have already created 33,000 chatbots for its Messenger app thus far.

Similarly, Nexright Promotional agent (Watson enabled Chatbot solution) provides chatbot for retailers which improves customer engagement with Personalized Deals, Coupons, and Loyalty Sell deals/promotional offers to end users. It

  • Integrates with existing Loyalty engine
  • Create/convert leads to sales
  • Understands user personality to recommend products
  • Understand customer needs and guides them through the product selection process.
  • Understands end user emotions
  • Integrates with ECommerce platforms