Unkapt is an alternative lending, cross-border capital raising platform offering APAC small and lower middle market issuers (SMEs) the opportunity to use innovative financing to raise capital among a network of accredited investors.

Business challenge

Unkapt was looking for a solution that could efficiently deal with incoming inquiries and provide accurate and immediate answers to the customers who are filling in a complex set of registration forms. The registration forms require a good understanding of financial literature and terminologies.

Unkapt wanted to simplify the customer onboarding process that could be implemented quickly and used to help customers in commonly asked questions while filling up the form.


Unkapt chose Nexright to implement IBM Watson enabled Chatbot solution to automate it’s platform support FAQ, by providing contextual answers to customer queries quickly, efficiently and round the clock.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Watson Developer Cloud
  • Conversation Service


  • Reduce Customer support cost

Minimize dependency on higher cost support channels by letting Watson Chatbot handle customer queries.

  • Improve User experience by simplifying customer onboarding

Self-service to deflect and resolve simple queries while allowing customer support to focus on more complex issues.

  • Resolve customer concerns and scale the business globally with round the clock support

Real time support by solving the most common customer issues on the first touch.