Our ElasticSearch capabilities

Scalable local hosting

• AWS & IBM Soft Layer Ready
• Virtually unlimited horizontal scaling
• Design is fail safe and robust
• Distributed and highly available
• Simple and user friendly GUI which monitors and manages the network topology
• Easy and quick data ingestion
• Data is always safe even when some nodes goes down
• Data Security with SSL, HTTP Basic authentication, private network access, & IP rules
• Daily Cloud based Backups & insurance against data loss and quick recovery in any disaster scenario

Nexright DevOps framework

• Automate Elastic search nodes in AWS leveraging Chef
• Automate OS, Images, VPN, Firewall, Auto-scaling, backup and recovery settings.
• Automate Dev, Staging and Production environments.

Additional functions

• Full text search:
– Improve your users’ search experience with ‘autocomplete’ and ‘suggestions’.
• Site Search Analytics
– Popular queries
– Popular queries over time
– Search query volume over time
• Seamless Integration
– Rest JSON API for data feed and real time indexing.
– Additional integration with logstash and kibana.
• Full local support
– Melbourne based support team.
– Additional integration options with Hadoop.