Maximize your ECommerce investment with Nexright Retail Service Bus

For digital enabled retail business, real time information and single data view is critical as part of the business strategy. Nexright’s  retail service bus which is an accelerated eCommerce solution will help retailers in

Strategy to convert Web commerce into an app commerce to include multiple channel and touch points including Web apps, native smartphone apps, tablet apps, and retail kiosk apps.

Push notifications and social messaging to improve the existing communication over emails.

Linking in-store customer experience to the digital life of the customer When customers come into the store, the clothes they put in their online shopping list will be set aside in their sizes.

Creating direct connections and customer loyalty Improve customer loyalty with personalized and customized experiences.

Real time information frequent stock, price, and promotion data available consistently across all channels, applications, distributed retail stores.

Integration with various online Catalogue systems like Lasoo

API Management Strategy and Implementation services

Nexright, is a proud member of Nora and have been helping many Australian retail organizations in Accelerated commerce and API management strategy services. Nexright currently supports integration with various leading eCommerce products and have provided them with retail service bus to maximize eCommerce investment.