Identity-driven marketing strategy

How Comprehensive Profiles Hold The Key To Effective Personalization – From forrester-research

In the age of the always-on and always-addressable customer, marketers are still struggling to make customer data actionable and deliver on orchestrated experiences across touch points, channels, devices and platforms. Acquisition remains a top objective while retention marketing is deprioritized, and many firms have yet to centralize their fragmented data sources around one unified view of the customer.

It indicates that a majority of marketers, while confident in their personalization strategies, often lack the tools and technologies required to move beyond basic segmentation and enable highly-sophisticated and highly-targeted marketing programs which are called as identity-driven marketing strategy.

Read the full Janrain commissioned study, Unlock The Promise Of Customer Data, to learn not only how data siloes are preventing organizations from realizing the true potential of mass one-to-one marketing, but how you can build a strategy that puts the customer experience first.

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