How enterprises are closing the final gap in efficient operations

There’s a paradox at the heart of how a modern business uses information technology.

The better we become at automating much of what we do, the more frustrated we
become at the daily workarounds that still defy automation and slow everything down.
The successful expansion of business automation is bumping up against its limitations.
Those limitations are a sign that there’s something still missing from the latest breed of
off-the-shelf and on-demand applications and platforms. On the one hand, they make it
easier than ever to deliver automation that helps people work better and streamline
business operations:

  • Cloud-hosted applications are available on demand, with low risk to get started
  • Frequent updates to functionality keep automation fresh
  • Highly configurable application architectures adapt readily to business needs
  • Templates and best practice libraries shorten preparation timescales
  • Online communities and app stores promote sharing of pre-built components


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