Get more funds flowing with smarter donor management

The challenges of fundraising
Around the world, donors are already crucial to the function and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. While the number of donors has remained steady, the average gift they give is much lower. As donors struggle with tightening their own household or corporate philanthropic budgets, they are more selective about which cause they will support. With fewer dollars available for giving, donors may seek a perfect fit with a cause before making a commitment. And when fewer donors are receptive to giving, the competition for charitable dollars increases.Here comes the necessity of a smart donor management platform.

Predictive analytic helps nonprofits gain a 360-degree view of the donor experience that they can use to attract ideal donors, increase contribution amounts, and retain current donors.

Know where to deploy donor resources for the biggest returns
– Predict which donors are most likely to donate, how much they will give, and when they would likely donate
– Determine the most effective messages and channels for solicitation (such as email, phone, direct mail or others)
– Optimize the frequency of donor contact to maximize contributions
– Anticipate when staff should provide additional attention to a specific donor

Improve program effectiveness, increase donations and reduce costs by using your own data to gain new insights
– To create single donor view & analytics by integrating your existing data sources and applications
– Improve existing processes: Start acquiring new donors/members insights from existing member services and operations, revealing in an instance how each member or donor consumes services/facilities provided their relationship profiles, and contact trends across communication channels which were marketed.
– Segment & Target: Complex segmentation and campaign success are enabled through
> Data accuracy
> Custom modelling
> Segmentation services
– Engage and Communicate: Engage supporters are giving via multiple channels (direct mail, web sites).
– Appreciate & Retain: Supporter management.
– Measure & Manage: Measure your success and manage relationships; evaluate past strategies to get the most out of future plans.

Nexright  smart data management and integration solution will deliver better member and donor insights. It will support marketing programs and increase donation base, improve revenue, operation planning, strengthen financial management and handles growth. Our solution is scalable, open in architecture, supports innovation, automated, implemented with minimum operational disruption, with least capital investment.
– Build a strong foundation for predictive analytics
– The power of data insights the solution delivers will equip the organization to have better outcome from targeted donation and raffles campaigns, increasing organization‘s revenue and membership base.
– Reporting (Top Donor Report, Campaign Analysis Report, Donor Cultivation Report, Interactive charts, maps & reports with drill down)
– Supports integration modules for various cloud applications including SalesForce, SugarCRM, MYOB, Xero.
– Optional integration with existing Donation management system and 3rd party marketing systems
– Optional modules for Course and venue management
– Global support model

flowchart of smart donor management

Donor Summary View

how smart donor management works



how smart donor management works  how smart donor management works  how smart donor management works