conversation design

IHearYou : Conversation design


IHearYou is a human-centric design approach and a conversation framework that augments human intellect.

IHearYou are set of best practices developed by Nexright for conversation design. It is built with Empathy as the foundation. Realizing Empathy answers powerfully that we can and ought to have what we want. It is a humanistic map with a focus on relationship-focused interactions instead of technology-focused one.

Realizing Empathy signals are a long-needed transition from technocratic paradigm to human bias. Simply put, we need to feel empowered enough to feel a sense of freedom in our relationship to computer technology. The kind that can help us engage in a dialogue with the machine.

To realize empathy in relation to another requires that we make new, meaningful, and coherent relationships where there previously were none considering the context of the other.