Cognitive Engage Platform gives enterprises the rich features needed to build Voice based Digital Assistants and Chatbots.

Cognitive Engage

  • Supports a variety of customer engagement channel including Web, Mobile, and Voice including Amazon Alexa.
  • Rich visual and text-based chatting interface.
  • Designed for high performance and scalability.
  • Built-in privacy, security.
  • Supports rich Context integration. Open internal API framework and self-service portal for Enterprise data integration.
  • Natural Language Understanding. Personalization with understanding customer emotions and personality
  • Custom NLP modeling. Uncover insights from unstructured data. E.g. product manual, call center logs, FAQ.

Bot Platform built for the Enterprise

Flexible Deployment

  • Can be deployed in any cloud including AWS, IBM Bluemix, Vmware private cloud
  •  Supports content delivery network

Multi tenancy

  • Allows multiple business units to use the same foundation and different training dataset

Privacy & Security

  • Application ACLs, permissions, and penetration testing
  • Identification, authentication, and authorization
  • Information and data protection
  • Built on IBM Secure cloud

Rich Engagement to Choose From

Rich Visual & Mobile Enablement

  • Hybrid (rich visual & text-based chatting interface)
  • Mobile
  • Ready to go UX templates to choose from

Voice Integration

  • Amazon Alexa
  • IBM Watson voice

Channel Integration

  • Integration with Facebook and slack
  • Dialog Flow

Rich context with Data & API Integration

Structured Data

  • Integration with enterprise systems of record and existing processes
  • Predefined Data models
  • Self service API portal

Unstructured Data

  • Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

Realtime Data

  • IOT Device Integration
  • Real-time data integration

Intelligence & Experience Management


Analytics to learn and understand customer experience


Continuous Integration and supervised training framework to enhance user experience


Allows Domain experts and Business SMEs to work together to engage with customer

“Nexright’s IBM Watson enabled Chatbot solution simplified our customer onboarding journey with immediate answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions”

                                                                                                             Yanese Chellapen, Director at Unkapt

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