Cognitive Engage for Super members

  • My Super coach with knowledge-based advisory
  • Personalized Super product recommendation
  • Increase New member Sign ups

Improve Member engagement

virtual advisor

My Super coach

  • Know my Super
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Knowledge-based Advisory

Personalized Product Recommendation

Personalized Super product rollout

  • Super for Women
  • Retirement planning

Increase New member Sign ups

Lead Generation

  • Increase new member Signups
  • Simplify new member onboarding

Rich context to drive member experience

Structured Data

  • Integration with Member information

Unstructured Data

  • Integration with Super and financial education knowledge base
  • Integration with Product disclosure statements

  • Integration with 3rd party wealth learning systems

Personality and Preference insights

  • Customize content based on member preference and personality

Intelligence & Experience Management


Analytics to learn and understand member experience


Continuous Integration and supervised training framework to enhance member experience


Allows Financial advisers and Business SMEs to work together to engage with member

“Nexright’s IBM Watson enabled Chatbot solution simplified our customer onboarding journey with immediate answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions”

                                                                                                             Yanese Chellapen, Director at Unkapt

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