Chatbot Testing and Training Automation


The Article shortly outlines the capabilities and components of CognitiveTest. Together with Jenkins and testing framework; it provides a business-friendly solution for automated testing for ChatBot project.


CognitiveTEST; designed by Nexright uses Artificial intelligence to perform ChatBot testing in minutes.


It solves the biggest problem in ChatBot test automation:

  • Business friendly
  • Channel selection. Can Test Web Chat Bot and Facebook Chat.
  • Element selection. Can Test Intent, Entity and Confidence.
  • Continuous testing
  • Perform Regression Testing in minutes
  • Reliability

The solution is powered by IBM Watson AI services. During testing; it captures the test results and those used for future analysis. At the end; continuous Integration and delivery guidelines is used to automate and schedule the test using Jenkins.

Overall, CognitiveTest is a business-friendly testing solution.  A bright future and enriched user experience can be given with robust and right testing.