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Why Google Apps

Based on recent growth and cost trends, google apps email and calendar solution can provide  following benefits: Lower infrastructure costs — All your email will be stored securely on Google’s servers, so you’ll no longer need to maintain email servers on-site Ability to consolidate your platforms — You can eliminate redundancy by moving all of […]

IAM standards and Protocols for Cloud Services

Many of the identity and access management standards (IAM) services will help organizations to implement effective and efficient user access management practices and processes in the cloud. Some of the challenges  in user and access management faced by cloud users and the relevant specifications which can be used: How can I avoid duplication of identity, […]

Cloud stack

Cloud service delivery is divided among three archetypal models and various derivative combinations. The three fundamental classifications are often referred to as the “SPI Model,” where ‘SPI’ refers to Software, Platform or Infrastructure (as a Service), respectively — defined thus: Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to use the […]