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Make your Microsoft Dynamics CRM investement a success with API integration & Bluemix

Managing customer relationships relies on our ability  to collect, store and manage customer data, and then trigger business processes which lead to sales or allow enterprises to stay closer with it’s customers. Unfortunately many customers fail to realize their investments in Dynamics CRM and only could able use the basic functions like account and contact […]

IBM MQ Light – What’s in a name?

“A picture paints a thousand words”. A well-known phrase. Undoubtedly true, but a single word can be critical. Change a single word and the meaning of a sentence, a paragraph, maybe a whole book or more could be altered. So what about IBM MQ Light? Is it MQ, but Light? And what does Light mean […]

CIOReview Selects Nexright for 20 Most Promising API Solution Providers

Annual list showcases the 20 Most Promising API Solution Providers 2015. Nexright  makes it to CIOReview’s top API Solution Providers list for its role as a provider of API management strategy and consulting services to help organizations fuel their mobile, multichannel and cloud strategies. http://magazine.cioreview.com/September-2015/API/ Fremont, CA—September 21, 2015—CIOReview (www.cioreview.com) has chosen Nexright (www.nexright.com) for […]

Robo-advice and API/Analytic lead Personalization automation

You’re sitting down with your financial adviser and looking her right in the eye. Is she advising you? Or selling you? All financial advisers, like doctors and lawyers, have a legal duty to put their clients’ interests first. Yet old habits are hard to change, with some continuing to sell expensive funds, over insurance or […]

Consider OWSAP and Comprehensive security as part of API development guidelines

Hu-Bot enforcing Secure Coding practice   With the recent increase in attack vector and threats,  an enormous amount of sensitive, personally identifiable data of consumers has been captured by unknown hackers, so organizations needs to build the necessary cyber resilience. As the organizations allow REST based programmatic access to their core infrastructure, it is important to […]

Reactive to proactive Government with Open data & APIs

Government agencies need to provide a public API offering  to enable government staff and the public to dynamically access government data.Our government should take a shift from reactive to proactive government with open data and APIs as it will be helpful in implementing better policies for people.     According to Aneesh Chopra, first Chief […]

Responsive UI framework based on Node.js and Swagger framework

Nexright NodeJS framework is based on open source components including Swagger, DevOps, Angular.js, Node.js including MEAN stack combined  enables compo-sable enterprise and allows adaptive App development leveraging APIs. Swagger, defines a standard, language-agnostic interface to REST APIs which allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of the service without access to source code, documentation, […]

How APIs disrupting Financial & Banking industry

Digital technologies and mobile apps are changing the face of financial services — it’s not an overstatement to say the industry is undergoing a major digital transformation. This rapid acceleration is having a significant impact on the relationship between traditional financial institutions (FI) and new digital fintech companies. They are beginning to realize they actually need […]