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Discover valuable insights from Call centre data

The next big thing in data analytics is Speech recognition and secret powers are turning spoken information into actionable intelligence. There is currently a plethora of recordings containing valuable customer and business insights that are simply falling off the table. Just recording isn’t enough anymore if you can’t access and analyze your recordings at scale. […]

What is Cognitive Engage

Nexright Cognitive Engage is a Customer Experience platform built for Enterprises leveraging IBM’s Watson. It provides rich features needed to build Digital Assistant and Chatbot solutions. Cognitive Engage platform — integrates with Enterprise structured, unstructured and real-time data — rich engagement to choose from including voice, social, web, mobile — rich visual and UX for […]

Chatbot as a Super Coach to improve member engagement

While chatbot development is in its infancy relative to other digital communications, the majority of consumers who use bots to connect with a business are left with a positive impression.  It’s clear that the digital experience is evolving, and brands that want to stay ahead of the curve need to know two things: how best […]

What is Conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is a term coined by Uber’s Chris Messina. What is Conversational commerce: conversational commerce largely pertains to utilizing chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with people, brands, or services and bots that before have had no real place in the bidirectional, asynchronous messaging context. The net result is that […]

Custom NLP by integrating Amazon Alexa with IBM Watson

Amazon is winning the smart home speaker battle. New data from Strategy Analytics suggest that Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant is beating Google in the home. Strategy Analytics found that Amazon Alexa will be on 68 percent of all smart speakers by the end of the fourth quarter of 2017. This includes Echos built by Amazon and other products […]

Continuous Automated Testing and Training Framework for Watson Conversation

For cognitive projects, a majority of the effort is spent on Conversation design.  It is usually is a continuous process as it needs to be. Continuous training and Continuous test data validation with End-user trials is key to a successful rollout. So how do you ensure that a small change to your conversation design won’t break everything else? […]

Faster data connectivity with OData

OData is a standard protocol for creating and consuming data. The purpose of OData is to provide a Representational State Transfer (REST)–based protocol for Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD)–style operations. OData applies web technologies such as HTTP and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to provide access to information from various programs. OData helps you focus […]