Amazon Alexa integration with IBM Watson

Companies are wise to automate business processes to optimize data entry by minimizing human error and eliminating redundancy. Robotic automation tools and voice enabled bot can free up employees to focus on more complex, fulfilling and engaging work.

A virtual advisor can help people to seek a knowledge based advisory with a cognitive, conversational self-service experience that can provide answers and take action.

Cognitive enabled customer support agent can help in building new customer experience.

Voice is a better user interface which is much more natural for all of us. Amazon Alexa provides voice enabled services on top of IBM Watson’s rich Cognitive capabilities.

The Amazon Echo is a new, revolutionary voice-activated, feature rich interface, Bluetooth speaker, streaming device and smart home controller. With powerful voice-recognition capability, cloud connectivity and wireless access to Wi-Fi–– the Amazon Echo offers users erstwhile unimagined interactivity between technology and daily life.

Watson Developer Cloud provides developers easy access to various Natural Language Processing building blocks including Conversation, Natural language Understanding, Personality Insights, Tone Analyzer. Each service provides REST APIs including various SDKs like Node, .Net, Java, Python.


  • Amazon Echo or Dot receives data from the user through Alexa asking questions and prompting
  • These requests are handled by a function hosted on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Lambda
  • The AWS code handles requests/information based on invocation phrases
  • The data is then consolidated and routed to Watson Developer Cloud APIs through a set of orchestration services
  • This can also be integrated with enterprise data repositories to enable a better context