Key Features

Automated Call Scoring

  • Increase the number of calls scored.
  • Reduce cost in manual scoring

Compliance Automation

  • Financial product sales process review
  • Compliance automation & adherance to Australian financial service regulation (AFS)
  • Customer sentiment review

Agent Quality Management

  • Call center agent performance review
  • Agent retention

Natural Language Processing Steps


  • Convert Speech to text

  • Extract information from transcripts with NLP

  • Verify the intent and context of the conversation

  • Validate against the compliance rules

  • Generate reports

Understand Customers better from Call recordings

Customer Tone Analysis

Transcribe audio recordings with deep learning speech recognition

Customer Concerns

  • Tone analysis based on all of a customer’s statements in customer care conversations

Agent Performance

  • Understand how agent performing based on customer tones
  • How agents what kind of coaching and counselling customer needs

GDPR Compliance

Financial Service Compliance

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