Hybrid Integration & API Services

API Strategy

  • Assessing your API potential and defining a strategy
  • Aligning your API strategy with market trends and patterns
  • Defining API structure – advice on specific data to expose, definition of
  • Access tiers and potential commercialization opportunities
  • Accelerating your entry into the API market with your existing partners

SOA & Hybrid Integration

To help organizations create a results-driven SOA strategy that supports and enhances their organizational, business and information access requirements, Accenture offers three services:

  • SOA Strategy: Roadmap—For organizations just starting with SOA or those that require a well-defined SOA program path.
  • SOA End-to-End Design and Delivery—Addresses end-to-end business concerns, using industrialized delivery methods, training programs and tools to drive SOA adoption throughout the organization. Our full life cycle SOA approach includes industrialization, governance and business process management.
  • SOA Modernization—Extending and Streamlining. Accenture’s modernization program helps organizations with mature SOA programs overcome speed, cost-control and quality challenges.


  • Training
  • Implementation services

Cognitive Services

We are great at what we do

Conversational design and implementation

Our specialization

Watson Developer Cloud
Watson Training

Watson Cognitive Services

  • Conversation Experience Design

    Design bot interface for human interaction

  • Watson Developer API Integration

    Watson Cognitive API Integration

  • Existing Business Process Integration

    Existing Business Process Integration

  • Watson Training & Managed Support Services

    Maanaged support services

Global Managed Support Services